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Chef ron's Gumbo stop

"Ron personally oversees all food purchases and only chooses the freshest locally grown ingredients."

From Italian to Cajun

Chef Ron Lafrate learned his passion for cooking from his Italian Mother and their unique family recipes. His earliest culinary experiences actually began in the Northeast of  the United States. There he earned a degree and even several certificates in Nutrition, Management, and Sanitation. His cooking changed however when he worked under respected Chef Fred Faria and learned about the delicious flavors of Cajun Cooking. He fell in complete love with southern cooking and the unique spices used. He earned Chef of the Year in 2010 by the American Culinary Federation and in early 2012 he opened Chef Ron's Gumbo Stop. The rest is pretty much history

Today Ron personally oversees all food purchases and only chooses the freshest locally grown ingredients. The Menu's specials may change based on the season, but guests can always order Ron's award winning gumbo. The Menu's appetizers consist of options such as a BBQ Shrimp Quesadilla, Crab Cakes, and Boudin Balls. For those not familiar Boudin Balls consist of ground pork, rice and seasoning that is fried and served with spicy mayonnaise. Guests can also order fried green tomatoes swerved with Cajun Shrimp and crawfish cream sauce if they are looking for a more unique appetizer.

The signature Gumbo comes in different options of flavor. There is the Classic Seafood Gumbo with crawfish, shrimp, crabmeat, okra, and tomato. The Mumbo Gumbo has chicken, shrimp, crabmeat, crawfish, sausage, okra and tomato. There is the simple Chicken and Sausage Gumbo accompanied with the classic okra and tomato. The Gumbo Monceaux has all the same ingredients as the Mumbo Gumbo, but comes with a poached egg. The ultimate Gumbo is the Yumbo Mumbo Gumbo, which is a Mumbo Gumbo adorned with golden fried shrimp for a truly rich flavor.

Chef Ron's origins might have been with New England Italian food, but he has truly found his craft among the southern Cajun dishes. The taste cultivated in not only the Gumbo, but all the dishes guarantees richly unique flavors. Take a bite of New Orleans with Chef Ron's Gumbo Stop.